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Orkla Samdrift, Rennebu, Norway:
Christopher Magnus Weyde

"One2Feed came to our farm and presented a custom-made Mixer for our 1,900 mm feeding table which ensures the feeding was as we wanted."

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Mr. Yoshida, Hokkaido, Japan

"We have not had to do the feeding manually even once. This has provided me and my family with a better life on the farm. The system is built to last and we are confident that the system will run for many years to come."

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Carsten Asmussen, Christianfeld , Denmark:
Carsten Asmussen 

"With 5 Hoppers and 1 Mixer, the feeding of our 400 Jersey cows is fully automated. We are saving time and money after the installation. We are looking at 11,400 ECM after One2Feed was installed. This is very impressive.

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Yggar Farm, Vigrestad, Norway:
Jonas og John Skibstad

"We talked to a colleague that had 10 years’ experience with One2feed system. After talking to them and getting feedback from them we were sure that a One2Feed system was the way for us to get a better life on the farm."

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Björnsgården, Falköping, Sweden:
Kenneth & Ulric Andersson 

"After the installation of the One2Feed System, our working hours have been reduced. It’s easy to fill the hopper with silage and combined with the software, we can feed our 48 groups with a minimum of work. The right feeding system if you have many groups."

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