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3 good reasons

Precision - Capacity - Control

Erik Andersen, Arden, Denmark

Erik Andersen have a herd of 330 cows divided in 6 groups: Recent calving, first calving, high yielding, low yielding, dry off and dry cows, further two group of heifers.

"Our housing system is suitable for dividing the herd into groups and with One2Feed it is obvious to take the feeding advantages by dividing the cows in groups". Says Erik Andersen.

One2Feed has more than sufficient capacity and desired flexibility which ensures careful and uniform mixing. According to Erik Andersen the 3 most important advantages with One2Feed system are:

• The vertical mixer, offering homogeneous fodder quality
• Good capacity and flexibility
• Reliable, solid state and simple construction

Jonas Kysinger, Gotland, Sweden

Jonas Kysinger have a herd of 235 cows with own breeding and we have many years of experience with automatic feeding systems.

"One2Feed has fully lived up to our expectations. We have a lot of flexibility, and we only use approx. 20 minutes on feeding per. day". Says Jonas Kysinger.

"The management system is uncomplicated and takes place from a PC. Further, I can also control the entire system from my mobile phone, just as any alarms also is forwarded phone. In addition, all support is handled via the Internet". Says Jonas Kysinger.

According to Jonas Kysinger the 3 most important advantages with One2Feed system are:

• Simple and reliable structure with 400 V power rails
• High flexibility, since it can mix all types of feed
• Easy to service, being built from standard components

Osean Link Farm, Obihiro, Hokkaido, Japan

Ocean Link Farm is one of Japans largest and most advanced dairy farms.

"With a large herd, financially it is essential to manage and have 100% control of the feeding routines and cost. We only use 30 - 40 minutes on feeding per. Day". Says the three owners.

The feed ration can quickly and accurately be adjusted. It is easy to adjust the quantities for each group, to assure optimal feed quantity and content at any given time.

According to Osean Link Farm the 3 most important advantages with One2Feed system are:

• The large capacity and simple structure of the hoppers
• Vertical mixer in stainless steel with feed pusher
• Simple and flexible management software with on-line support