User friendly software
Control the Mixer and Hopper from the computer
Online service and support
Use phone/tablet to control the feeding system
Custom made software if necessary

Automatic feeding system for cows

The heart of the automatic feeding system for cows is the unique management software providing an overview of the feedings. This ensures that any feeding is carried out as required and at the desired time.

One2Feed assures high feeding efficiency and the opportunity to manage the feeding process with the use of an unlimited number of ingredients and recipes.
The system can be operated and serviced from any PC, Tablet or Smartphone. 

Faster setup - Fewer stops - Better economy

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1 Mixer and 5 hoppers feeding 400 Jersey cows. "We are looking at 11,400 ECM after One2Feed was installed 4 years ago, with a minimal spare parts cost" 

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Carsten Asmussen, Christianfeld , Denmark:

"With 5 Hoppers and 1 Mixer, the feeding of our 650 Jersey cows is fully automated. We are saving time and money after the installation. We are looking at 11,400 ECM after One2Feed was installed. This is very impressive.

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Orkla Samdrift, Rennebu, Norway:
Christopher Magnus Weyde

"One2Feed came to our farm and presented a custom-made Mixer for our 1,900 mm feeding table which ensures the feeding was as we wanted."

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