Stainless Steel

One2Feed Automatic Feeding Mixer is made from stainless steel, ensuring minimal maintenance and superior cleaning and hygiene.

The Automatic Feeding Mixer has a capacity of 3.5 m3. It is made of stainless steel and is available either with side-doors or a conveyor belt of your preferred length. Side-doors are produced and located on the mixer according to your wishes and can be custom-built after your specifications.     

The feed mixer has a weighing system providing high precision and minimal waste of feeding material. This ensures that the cows receive the feed necessary to produce a high level of milk quality and quantity. The scale together with the software ensures an even distribution. An automatic feeding system reduces working hours and gives better economy.

- Available with conveyors from 1,100 to 3,000 mm.
- Available with doors both left and right, front and back.
- The height from mixer to floor is always custom made. 


Björnsgården, Falköping, Sweden:
Kenneth & Ulric Andersson 

"After the installation of the One2Feed System, our working hours have been reduced. It’s easy to fill the hopper with silage and combined with the software, we can feed our 48 groups with a minimum of work. The right feeding system if you have many groups."

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