Reduced working time.
Better economy

Being a livestock farmer can be a hard profession. Long working days
in the stable can lead to less time for family life and other tasks on the farm.
We can help you to do something about it.

A better partner

We are ready to take responsibility for automating
your feeding workflow in the stable.  

That is why we have decided that we will always do it a bit better.
To give you a better life on the farm. To develop our business. To become a better partner.  

We measure ourselves on faster setup, fewer stops and better economy.
For us, these are promises that you can measure us on, too.  

As a company, we were born out of the Danish agricultural culture,
where efficiency and quality characterize modern milk production.

Orkla Samdrift, Rennebu, Norway:
Christopher Magnus Weyde

"One2Feed came to our farm and presented a custom-made Mixer for our 1,900 mm feeding table which ensures the feeding was as we wanted."

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