Most of our food comes from agriculture.
Still, being a farmer can be a hard profession. Both economically and in terms of working hours.
Are you considering doing something about it?

- Both as a feeding system and as a team.

To us masterclass stands for being innovative and for making things happen. Providing long-lasting stainless steel solutions with reliable technology.

As a company, we were born out of Danish agriculture, where efficiency and quality characterize modern milk production.

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We are ready to take responsibility
for automating your feeding workflow in the stable.

Faster setup - Fewer stops - Better economy 

That is why we have decided that we will always do it a bit better. In order to give you
a better life on the farm. To develop our business. To become a better partner.

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Carsten Asmussen, Denmark 

- "With 5 Hoppers and 1 Mixer, the feeding of our 650 Jersey cows is fully automated. We are saving time and money after the installation. We are looking at 11,400 ECM after One2Feed was installed."



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+45 8757 2777

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