From 5m3 to 120m3

One2Feed Hoppers are available in capacities from 5m3 to 120m3. The Hopper can be delivered both as a mobile or stationary unit.
Hoppers use the "Moving Floor" principle. This ensures that no old feed is left in the hopper and that the hopper is completely empty. 

The moving floor gently carries the feed as a solid pile without air-intake, which results in a minimum of oxidation of the feed nutrients and therefore less energy loss. The floor is made from fibreglass.

The Hopper is built to last and proven to be corrosion resistant.

Moving floor

The Hoppers use the first-in, first-out principle. Fill the hopper when you have the time. You do not have to wait until it is empty. It will always use the oldest feed first. This will reduce working hours and give you a better life on the farm. 

We are ready to take the responsibility
for automating your feeding workflow in the stable.

Faster setup - Fewer stops - Better economy 

That is why we have decided that we will always do it a bit better. In order to give you
a better life on the farm. To develop our business. To become a better partner.


Yggar Farm, Vigrestad, Norway:
Jonas og John Skibstad

"We talked to a colleague that had 10 years’ experience with One2feed system. After talking to them and getting feedback from them we were sure that a One2Feed system was the way for us to get a better life on the farm."

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Björnsgården, Falköping, Sweden:
Kenneth & Ulric Andersson 

"After the installation of the One2Feed System, our working hours have been reduced. It’s easy to fill the hopper with silage and combined with the software, we can feed our 48 groups with a minimum of work. The right feeding system if you have many groups."

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