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One2Feed Feeder is produced in stainless steel. Can be used for both bedding & feeding. One Feeder can handle borth tasks. One or two augers are mounted horizontally to ensure an equally disturabition. Equipped with RFID Technology, the Feeder finds its way using the most reliable and widespread identification system on the market.


The Feeder can be mounted with open doors or a conveyor. The conveyor is available in different length depending on the barn. The Feeder can be used together with a static Mixer or Hoppers. Many of the same components from the Mixer is used on the feeder and the software to control the feeding is the same. Size of the Feeder makes is ideal when switching


A smaller version of the Feeder can be used to bed. The bedding robot can be used together with a hopper for strew. The Bedding robot comes in different sizes depending on your needs. Doors, dics or a conveyor can be mounted. Due to the light construction the IPE rail can be from 100 mm

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Björnsgården, Falköping, Sweden:
Kenneth & Ulric Andersson 

"After the installation of the One2Feed System, our working hours have been reduced. It’s easy to fill the hopper with silage and combined with the software, we can feed our 48 groups with a minimum of work. The right feeding system if you have many groups."

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