8 years’ of experience with automatic feeding

“In 1960 my grandfather founded the farm, and I am the 3rd generation on the farm,” Josef tells.

”In 2012 we expanded to 300 dairy cows and we also had the One2Feed Feed mixer. We invested in the feeding system because we wanted more flexibility and less work with feeding and providing for the animals with fresh feed. The reason for choosing One2Feed was the use of a large quantity of stainless steel and the ability to move the hoppers to our bunkers.”

The feed storages are 800 metres away from the barn which means that the mobile hoppers are a big advantage for the Reinards. They only use about 1 hour each day to fill up the hoppers and then all feeding is done by One2Feed. “The moving floor in the hoppers were also are significant advantage of the One2Feed system. The running cost from 2012 to now have been significantly lower than expected. We are at the moment expanding the farm. The feeding will also be made with the One2Feed system and the costs for it are very low. We are building a barn for 90 animal. We are installing a switch track that makes it possible to feed the new barn with the same system as before. The feed kitchen will remain the same and will not be changed, a big advantage for us.”

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300 cows + heifers
1,800 mm Conveyor
Feed pusher
2 X 22 m3



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