Mr. Yoshida, Hokkaido, Japan

We have been feeding with One2Feed since 2013. We only use 1 hour a day on the feeding, which has reduced the working hours. We are pleased with the system and it has been feeding our cows every day since we started. We have not had to do the feeding manually even once. This has provided me and my family with a better life on the farm.
The mechanical parts are very strong. Both the mixer and our 2 hoppers can handle our hard wintertime without problems. In our region minus 20oC is normal and the system has handled it without problems. On the farm we have 2 Lely RMS which the One2Feed is feeding together with our dry cows and youngstock-s.

The spare parts cost of keeping the machine running is small. Estimating the cost for every year is easy and we have had no major costs. We have had problems related to the software, but they were fixed.

The system is built to last and we are confident that the system will run for many years to come.  

130 cows incl. heifers 
Located on Hokkaido, Japan

Door on right side
Singel Feed pusher 
Feeding table is 3.000 mm 

1 x 13m3
L. 5.80, B. 2.30, H. 3.13 m
1 x 15m3
L. 6.33, B. 2.30, H. 3.13 m 


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+45 8757 2777

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