The next generation is ready to take over the farm

We have had automatic feeding for 10 years. When the old system needed to be replaced, we studied the market for automatic feeding. Our goal was to find a flexible and reliable feeding system. We landed on One2Feed. Julie and I are taking over the farm in 2020, so we were looking for a system that gave us time to be with our 3 children and at the same time give us the basis for a good financial result. 
The strong and reliable One2Feed gives us peace of mind and we don’t have to be afraid of big maintenance costs appearing over night. We know that One2Feed is very strong and only needs a minimum of spare parts.
Mixing quality and the low service cost were two factors that made us select One2Feed as our new feeding system.
One2Feed came to our farm and presented a custom-made Mixer for our 1,900 mm feeding table which ensures the feeding was as we wanted. At the start up, the Wi-Fi was giving us some problems, but from the very first day the mixer has been running well without any problem, and we are very pleased with the service and the feeding quality.

The One2Feed software is easy to use and with the ability to use your phone, we are able to see the feeding away from the farm. We have two milking robot’s and we have seen a big improvement from the cows. The cows are now going to the robot more often as they have fresh feed all the time. No more waiting time that interrupts the milking.

This has provided both us as a family and the cows with a better life on the farm!
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About the farm

Beef and 80 milking cows + Heifers  

Automatic robot for milking in winter, on grass in summer

Custom made Mixer for the 1900 mm feeding table

Feeding 29 times a day.


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