A better life on the farm for the next 15 years

I am second generation on the family farm in the south of Jutland. The farm has 650 Jersey animals after we expanded in 2015. The main focus for us is the feeding. The One2Feed system gives us freedom to use different recipes for the different groups of animals and for feeding them several times a day. But the most important thing for us is that it only takes a few minutes to make the feed. Combining this with only using 15 minutes in the evening to fill the Hoppers with the big loader - this is saving me hours on the loader and a lot of fuel.  

Of course I’m aware that it's a major one-time investment. But in the long run the One2Feed system will provide us with a better life on the farm for the next 15 years until I retire. I’m sure of it!

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About the farm

400 cows + heifers
325 ha.
1,800 mm Conveyor
Feed pusher
Feeding table is 2,700 mm and 3,300mm
2 x 9 m
2 x 19 m3
1 x 27 m3

15 different components, 9 different recipes and feeding 27 times a day.



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+45 8757 2777

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