“It is my father, who mixes all the feed, and he only spends about an hour every day doing this.

“When we expanded to 820 cows, we had to invest in a new feeding system. The old system could not handle so many cows,” says Torben Brødbæk, organic milk producer near Aulum. The annual yield is 12,400 kg ECM and this is among the highest among the organic farms in Denmark. “We have milked three times for many years, and that is of course part of the explanation for our high yield,” says Torben Brødbæk. However, the feeding must also be perfect to maintain the yield. This means, among other things, that it is an advantage that there is always fresh feed on the feeding table. But 800 cows that must be fed approx. 23.5 FUs every day require a lot of feed. And here, Torben has been positively surprised in some areas.

“It is my father, who mixes all the feed, and he only spends about an hour every day doing this. At other farms with as many cows as us and with traditional feeding with tractor and feed mixer, one man can barely manage the feeding. So the system has saved a lot of working hours.” “Compared to our previous facilities, feeding also takes place much faster. This is because power has been drawn along the rails in which the feed wagons operate.” Reliability has also surprised positively. The system has been running in the farm at Hodsager for seven years. “In that time, we have only a handful of times needed help from technicians. They have shown up very fast every time. They must also be able to do that, because we do not have the possibility to feed in any other way than with the system from One2Feed.”

The actual mixing of the feed especially takes place in the stationary feed mixers, and Torben Brødbæk does not use the opportunity to make many different mixtures for his lactating cows. “They go together in one group,” he explains.

“When recommending One2Feed, I want to point out the reliability, the fast feeding and the low consumption of energy. It is also a clear advantage that we do not have to go with a large noisy tractor through the barn three times a day. Instead, there is peace in the barn all day long. It is important for the cows,” says Torben Brødbæk.



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