Hoppers for the Biomass industry  

There are two main lines of production in the biomass facility. One is to deliver biomass to biogas plants; this is done in the form of pretreated biomass such as compressed straw and other products that are difficult for biogas plants to process. The second is degassed separated fibres, which are returned from the biogas plant. This is useful for the biogas plants due to regulations on phosphorus and nitrogen. We use the degassed separated fibres to produce new products with added value, such as fertilizers and substrates.
We receive material from the agricultural sector, and we supply the biogas plants with this material after having added more value to the product.
Taking the same material back and recycling some of the it into the agricultural sector again is only possible if you add value that benefits all parties in the process, and for this process we use One2Feed.
One of the hoppers, for which we see great prospects, is the open-front hopper. The open front and the wide extension make it possible to back up and empty a walking floor trailer directly into the hopper. This increases efficiency and reduces handling.
The One2Feed hoppers ensure that a minimum number of employees can operate the lines continuously. We need products like the ones from One2Feed in our lines to save time and to minimise the need of human interaction. One2Feed fits the bill perfectly. It is a great advantage, because the equipment is well-tested, and it is easy to get spare parts when worn parts need to be replaced.

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SWF2140 hopper 15 m

4 hoppers designed for the Biomass industry
SWF2740 19 m45 degree shredder and drum
SWF2140 15 m45 degree shredder and drum
SWF2150 18 m45 degree shredder and drum
SWF2760 27 m45 degree shredder and drum
Open in the front, loads directly into the hopper from a walking floor trailer.

Hopper number 6
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Hopper number 7 
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Hopper number 8
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Biomass ready to be delivered to the bioplant after being processed



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