Height difference between the stables? No problem

Swedish farmer has overcome the challenge of having a 2.5 metre height difference between his cowsheds after the installation of One2Feed’s automatic feed mixer.

A large height difference between the stables is not an obstacle for the automatic feeding if you use One2Feed’s automatic feed mixer. Bengt Johansson, a Swedish beef producer with 400 animals, of which 130 are suckler cows, knows this.

“Due to the topography, my newest cowshed is 2.5 metres higher than the other cowshed, and the percentage of gradient between the two buildings is 10 percent. This is not a problem because I - after thoroughly researching the automatic mixer market - chose One2Feed’s model. Its electric motor has plenty of power to pull the mixer upwards,” Bengt Johansson tells.

“The mixer saves us both a lot of time and labour. Previously, all feeding in my two cowsheds was done manually, and I drove with a tractor between them and the feed storage. Now the mixer just needs to be filled in the storage, from where it can go on to the cowsheds. All in all, it releases six hours a day and of course also benefits the economy,” Bengt Johansson says.

The mixer, which has a capacity of 3.5 m3, is made of stainless steel. This ensures minimal maintenance and easy cleaning, Bengt Johansson explains. He is also happy with the One2Feed mixer's weighing system, which according to him provides high precision and minimal waste.

“It ensures an even distribution of the feed, so that each individual cow can get to the feeding table where it is fed exactly the right ration. No animal gets less than others and there are no fights. At the same time, the mixer's two scrapers are very effective and prevent feed from being wasted,” Bengt Johansson points out.



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